Not Another Fine Bloody Mess

I walked around until I ended up back at the start of nothing

most heinous


Ring lead and performance art, vocals, and tertiary maker of sounds

His Cheap Moves

Four strings and a cloud of dust. Makes sure nothing makes sense–foam.

The Doctor

Legendary destroyer of sets, vocals, and 6 string thingies - aka MC Negativity & Mad Chef

Guitar & Vocals

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Armadillo Nosebleed

Master of mouth vibrations, beater of keys, and slider of bones

Trombone, Didgeridoo, Theremin, Bass, and Keys

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Johnny Muhumba

Tight pants and killer leads -aka Thisis Vicious Nucleus bender of heart strings

Orudis Wasabe

Manhandling of beef sticks over taught skins of gold and copper

Drums and Turntable


Welding of the deep sparks and inspired grooves

Tungsten Sodomy Bingo

Night of the Living Beeb. The Beeb from the Black Lagoon

Suga Cane

Dancing and singing until the cows came home and the clowns were killed


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I Wanna Be Read

“Heinous Bienfang: is when they had a plastic tarp around the stage that had "help" painted on it. I guess it was so someone in the crowd would pull it down. But, for two songs no-one did and I heard an anonymous band play music from behind a backlit piece of plastic with the word help on it. At the time, I really related to the idea of that and kinda wish it had stayed up for the whole show.

— Joshua Curry —

Not Another Fine Bloody Mess